Small Rosebud Plug

Small Rosebud Plug

Our first and most popular plug, the small size Rosebud. Poor Orson Welles, his dying wish in the film Citizen Kane was for one of these plugs - a true visionary 60 years before his time! And can you blame him? Near perfection in its crystal clear, simplistic splendor is what makes the Rosebud Plug a hit. Standing 3 1/2" tall and 1 1/2" at its widest, it boasts a tapered rosebud-shaped head atop a slender neck and flared 1 1/2" flat base. A very comfortable size for beginners, and can also be used for vaginal Kegel exercises. A definite must-have for any collection!
  • Details

    Length 3.5"
    Diameter 1.5"
    Base diameter 1.5"



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