Small Curved Barbell

Small Curved Barbell

Now here's a wonderfully diverse little piece, our Curved Barbell! Don't let its simplistic design fool you - it is like a wise old Sensei just waiting to teach you some new things :) Measuring approx 6" in total length it boasts a 1 1/4" ball on one end and a larger 1 1/2" ball opposite, connected by a smooth 3/4" subtly curved shaft. Great for clitoral stimulation as well as G-spot arousal when inserted just a few inches - from either end. Both ball ends offer a comfortable, controllable handle whether used solo or with a partner and its small size makes it an excellent travel companion. 
It can be used anally too as a popper or stationary plug! You've got 2 sizes to play with, just enough length to get some good internal arousal without going too deep, and a gentle curve to manipulate and twist for some interesting sensations. Stays put nicely when fully inserted to either size ball end, which is more comfortable for extended wear. All around it's just a fun design that is as pleasing to use as it is to look at & hold! Also available in different colors and a larger size clear.
  • Details

    Length 6"
    Small ball diameter 1.25"
    Large ball diameter 1.5"
    Shaft diameter .75"



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