Small Anal Bead Cane

Small Anal Bead Cane

Quite a naughty piece indeed, our small size Anal Bead Cane is every bit as impressive feeling as it looks! Measuring approx 10 1/2" total in length, it boasts a tapered 7/8" wide head followed by six equally sized balls except for the seventh which is slightly larger at 1". A 2 1/2" long plume style handle with 7/8" ball end finishes the piece and provides a comfortable grip. Designed to mimic the feel of anal beads, however we spaced the balls close together for a smoother stroke. There's plenty of length on this bad boy to boldy go as deep as you want it to, and the sequential balls provide a pleasurable sort of vibrating sensation as things speed up. Also available in large size for more advanced play! A definite must have for the anal enthusiast's collection.
  • Details

    Length 10.5"
    Head and 6 balls diameter .88", 7th ball 1"
    Handle 2.5"
    Handle ball .88"



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