Small 24K Gold Spot Rosebud Plug

Small 24K Gold Spot Rosebud Plug

Another variation of our popular Rosebud Plug, with real 24K gold fumed spots melted into its surface for added visual stimulation. The ghostly transparent gold varies in color from pinkish-purple hues to metallic gold and iridescent greens when the light hits it from different angles! Measuring 3 1/2" tall and 1 1/2" at its widest, it boasts a perfectly symmetrical tapered rosebud-shaped head atop a slender neck and flared 1 1/2" flat base. A very comfortable size for beginners to anal play, providing just enough 'fill' without a stretched feeling. We do offer it in larger sizes however if that's what you seek :) Add some bling to your collection with this precious piece!
  • Details

    Length 3.5"
    Diameter 1.5"
    Base diameter 1.5"



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