Large Yoni Egg

Large Yoni Egg

In sacred geometry, the vesica piscis (vessel of the fish) is considered the first form of Creation through which the geometric shapes and patterns of our universe emerge. The ancient Sanskrit word for it is YONI, which means vagina and/or womb, and it has been used throughout time to symbolize unity, duality, birth, divine proportion, and the female sexual power. We have skillfully harnessed this magical power and ancient wisdom in three-dimensional glass form for YOUR sacred yoni. Don't you feel special?! 

Here is our exclusive and coveted Yoni Egg vaginal weight/dilator measuring 3 1/4" in length, 2" at its widest, and 7.9 oz - our LARGE size. It is designed to be fully inserted into the vagina for dilation and/or Kegel exercises much like the age old Ben Wa balls. Although the traditional Ben Wa balls generally come in pairs, this is a no-no for glass items as you don't want two pieces of glass making contact with each other. The elongated design of our Yoni Egg not only occupies the space of two balls, but is much easier to insert and release due to the dual tapered ends and the non-porous properties of the glass itself, eliminating the need for a retrieval cord. It can be incorporated into sexual play with a partner or used solo for internal stimulation while masturbating, and the natural weight of the glass makes for an excellent Kegel exerciser by forcing you to use your vaginal muscles to keep it in place. Practiced daily, this will firm and tighten your vaginal muscles and also strengthen the pelvic floor muscles which can improve bladder control.

The Yoni Egg can also be a great dilator. Do you have a lover that is well endowed and sex is uncomfortable with him? Use of the Yoni Egg daily and graduation to larger sizes over time will not only enable you to accommodate his 'gift' but will strengthen you at the same time, which benefits both of you!

Available in 5 sizes and multi-piece sets too!
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    Length 3.25"
    Diameter 2"



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