Large Baller Probe

Large Baller Probe

This is our large size Baller Probe measuring approx 11" long, sporting a 1 5/8" rosebud shaped head followed by 3 slightly smaller, equally spaced 1 1/2" balls. 3 inches of 1" diameter handle provide a substantial grip, capped by a 1 3/4"  ball end. One of our top sellers, the Baller Probe is a very effective, straight forward design that is sure to please from either end and is sized to be used anally OR vaginally. It also doubles as a great rolling massage tool on just about any part of the body! 
  • Details

    Length 11"
    Head diameter 1.63"
    3 balls diameter 1.5"
    Handle shaft 1" x 3.5"
    Handle ball diameter 1.75"



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